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The SpyStore 100 advanced GPS device is the world’s smallest real-time tracker, and now, with enhanced signaling, it pulls up your target’s location in seconds.


The SpyStore 100 advanced GPS device is the world’s smallest real-time tracker, and now, with enhanced signaling, it pulls up your target’s location in seconds. Designed to make GPS Tracking viewing easy, our tracking solution gives you 24/7 access to your tracker’s information, all laid out on a simple Free control panel. With the SpyStore 100, you’re in control of what you see, and how you see it. Enhanced battery Performance The new-and-improved Li-Ion battery will track for 10 plus days of normal usage on a single charge.

Just turn the SpyStore 100 on, sit back and view your device move live or simply look at the history. Tiny In Size This tiny tracker is easily hidden in any small space. Only 3″ long, the SpyStore 100 is perfect for Covert Tracking, Child Protection, Stock Protection, Staff monitoring & Protection, Hikers, Healthcare & Patients with Disorders, Asset & Vehicle Tracking & Protection, the list goes on and on. It can be placed in a backpack, glove compartment, or under a car seat (among other places). You can also place this directly under your vehicle using our specially made Gortex waterproof magnetic pouch.

No matter where you decide to place the tracker, your target will be none the wiser, or simply use it for protection and peace of mind. Motion Tracking Activation The new SpyStore 100 comes equipped with motion-activated tracking capabilities. Internal motion sensors begin to track as soon as the device senses a slight disturbance. This feature not only preserves battery life, but it allows you to track only the most important movements. You can also arm your device from your control panel. This will alert you once the device is moved via SMS to your personal mobile phone, and via audio and warning sirens on the tracking panel.

This is a great feature if you are protecting an asset that should not be moved. Strong and Very Robust The SpyStore 100 is small, rugged, and has a water-resistant design making it the perfect accessory for all your tracking operations. Place this GPS Tracker almost anywhere: on a person, in a bag, in a car, or even use the optional magnetized pouch to attach it underneath a car for covert GPS Tracking. The tough, water-resistant design can withstand the harshest elements for unparalleled reliability and GPS Tracking capabilities.

Panic Alert Feature The nondescript Panic Button is an optional, added security and safety feature that’s built right into the SpyStore 100 design. When the panic button is pressed, the SOS Alert Service will send an emergency notification to you and your selected contact list. The Tracking Panel will also inform you via audible sounds and a flashing banner informing you of the address details and who pressed the Panic button. Works Straight Out Of the Box This SpyStore tracking solution work straight from the box.

Each device arrives with GPS positions and SMS credits to get you started. The SpyStore 100 will not send any positions whilst the device is stationary. This preserves battery and your position credits. You can purchase position credits at any time by simply clicking the “Top-Up Button” on The Free Tracking Panel or through our Shop on our Website. SMS credits are used when informing the device to change the tracking interval or receiving any SMS notifications to your mobile phone. Position Credits are used to track your device at intervals you can pre-select from Real-Time 5 second tracking, every 10 minutes, every Hour, 2 Hours, etc.

SpyStore Free Tracking Software Our web enabled Tracking Panel has been designed especially for ease of use. The Tracking Panel allows you to; change the frequency interval when you want to locate your SpyStore 100, set a 360-degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence – when your SpyStore 100 breaks this barrier either entering, exiting, or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you. Not only can you view your SpyStore 100 from our Tracking Panel, but you can also call the device from your mobile phone, it will return the address location details, Map, etc., via SMS.

Combine these features with on-demand Real-Time tracking, with easy-to-use location history reports based in Microsoft Excel, makes the SpyStore 100 a must-have for families and businesses alike. Track globally Real-Time Tracking Self-Tracking through SpyStore Free Web Enabled Tracking Panel No contracts No activation fee Pay-As-You-Use freedom No roaming charges You can call unit and it will return the full address within 3-5 seconds on your mobile phone through an SMS/text message Unlimited GeoFence’s History reports based in Microsoft Excel including Google 360 Image links.

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